New Location!

Come join us for live praise and worship every Tuesday night! 7:00pm in the chapel of Church of the Redeemer (Anglican)

4815 Executive Park Ct #201

Jacksonville, FL, 32216.


Spirit of Christ Community Prayer

Father, we honor you.

Fill us with your presence and your love.

Speak to us through the words of scripture.

Impart your gifts to us so that we might use them to build the Church.

Jesus, we want to be set apart for you.

Help us to live an honorable life to the glory of your name.

Help us to love and care for our brothers and sisters in the community.

Holy Spirit, we give you the freedom to move in our lives.

Deepen our faith and help us to change our environment wherever we go.

In moments of hesitation remind us:

If not us, then who will proclaim the gospel?

If not now, then when will the gospel be proclaimed?

If not the truth of the gospel, then what will we proclaim?

We pray this in the name of Jesus, Amen.



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